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Something for naughty daddies...

When I was over in Belgium this year, I was reminded again of the tradition of 'Sinterklaas' and more importantly, of Zwarte Piet. You know, I really like the role of Zwarte Piet. He or she rewards the good children and punishes the ones who have been naughty. Of course every year again, it is understood that there have been no naughty children at all. And this is logical. But I thought, would that be also the case for their daddies? Of course not, there are a lot of naughty daddies around... and I am more than willing to give them the right punishment, in the best of 'Zwarte Piet' traditions. So I went to work. The result you can see in my pictures and videos. My gift from Sinterklaas for you, daddy. So next year, around this time, just drop by for yours.

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